Featured Review!

We had a great experience working with Alex Storage Sheds and absolutely LOVE the finished product, a playhouse for my daughters. My wife contacted Alex after doing an online search. Not only did Alex offer the most reasonable pricing; he was also the most responsive and offered the most options in terms of customization of our playhouse. For each different size or option, he was good about giving price estimates up front and sticking to them.

Once we decided on a size, design, and features, Alex and crew spent several days constructing the playhouse, painting, and finishing. They were very professional through the whole process and kept the yard as clean as could be expected through the construction process.

The finished product, as you can see in my photos, is awesome - way better than most commercial playhouses (which, by the way, run twice the cost or more). There are fine touches all over. Alex and crew did a custom bevel design on the white edging boards around the roof, as well as on the door. They also installed cute purple shutters, also custom. The inside is fully finished. It has a laminate floor and paneling on the walls and ceiling, making it easy to clean and cutting down on dust and insects. Alex's crew did a great job sealing up all the cracks and gaps and making it look like a real house. It even has real, working windows with screens! And the roof is real as well, expertly constructed with residential grade shingles that match our big house. It is an expert job and we are most pleased. All our daughters' friends (and their parents) are really impressed and have asked who installed the playhouse. It's a head-turner and a very nice piece of work, and it didn't even break the bank!

Throughout the whole process, there was only one small hiccup, and that was that the window company sent Alex the wrong size of windows on the first try. The correct windows took several weeks to arrive. No problem, though. Alex waits to cut the window holes until he has the windows on hand, so it stayed sealed up and safe from the elements until the windows arrived.

I would recommend Alex Sheds in the highest terms to anyone in the market for a shed or playhouse. He is friendly, responsive, professional, and expert at what he does. Best of all, he provides this work at a very reasonable price! Because of our good experience, we will be calling Alex for other work he does, including roofing!

Trevor S.